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Keith Rosenberg (author)

I started playing D&D in between the release of 3.0 and 3.5 in order to escape the obvious apocolypse being brought upon us in the 2000s by boy bands. Luckily, the path I chose was righteous and I managed to survive (although, to be fair, Justin Timberlake is doing much better).

I was led into Forgotten Realms initially by very haphazardly picking up an R.A. Salvatore novel, The Legacy, in a local Barnes and Noble in New Jersey. Previously, I was heavily into gothic fiction and some fantasy, but that book set me on a helluva journey! Eventually, I started playing 3rd edition with a couple of friends, and one day, they let me DM, and I’m pretty sure I have been a player maybe 3 total times since then :p #DM4Life

Aside from being very much in love with 5th edition (side note: thank you OSR people for pushing Wizards to go back to the old school), I’m also a big fan of Goodman Games’ DCCRPG (although I confess, I haven’t played much since 5th edition came out). I am also a sucker for throwback/vintage art and maps (hence the use of Futura here on this site).