• What is the difference between a CR1 and a CR2 monster?

    Hero be warned - here lies maths. Just a little maths, though, so don’t run. Saddle up for our Happy Fun Hour!

  • 20 Tavern Events from Mundane to Marvelous

    So your players have found themselves in a tavern yet again. The only plans they have are casually bickering with the locals, drinking a few cold beers, and finding a place to rest their head. This time, though, you've got a trick up your sleeve! The table below contains small, simple events that can lead to a short rise with a quick fizzle, or, to an adventure all of their own. Make your typical tavern into a bustling hub of potential adventure hooks!
  • Rare Fey Creatures for Plot Fodder: Giant Fraithwarp, Burglestar, and Walfablang

    These rare Fey creatures are packed with abilities and lore that make them great as a plot focus for one-shot adventures. The Giant fraithwarp: a low CR legendary creature who acts as a gate to and from the Feywild; the walfablang (commonly mispronounced as "waffle-blong"): a mythical beast with an urge to be the recipient of your players' magic weapons; and the burglestar: a dryad-like Fey who creates a symbiotic relationship with giant spiders and wants to feed your players to them!
  • The Fantastic Creatures of Janelle-shaen

    The Wizard Janelle-shaen, Superior Mage of Caslin, is the creator of a mobile tower which is host to an array of strange spells and beasts - this tome contains the details of a small few of the known creatures encountered in her tower of wonders: Chromatic Wolf, Wolfworm, Rain Golem, Shadowstaffer, and Durp Snake!
  • Weavewire Trap

    This trap is wound with a small thread of the Weave itself. A savvy magician may be able to sense such a presence, or a perceptive adventurer may notice light bending as if by heat - but most likely, the party will fall victim to this trap!

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